How correctly to analyze matches on StarCraft 2 for bets?

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Tournaments for StarCraft 2 attract not only the best gamers, but also professional players on the sweepstakes. The more prestigious the competition, the more demand for it on both sides. Gamers are attracted by the opportunity to earn impressive prize money, in cappers - to bet on big odds. In recent years, StarCraft 2 rating competitions are held not only in Asia and America, but also in many European countries. Quite often, entire professional leagues are created with multimillion-dollar budgets. To put on fights SC 2 is better in authoritative bookmakers. First, they are not deceived with the payment of the winnings. Secondly, they accept bets even for qualifying meetings of tournaments. In the Internet space there are a number of specialized web projects aimed at promoting e-sports in betting. Such portals accept bets only on specific games, for example, on StarCraft 2, WOT, Dota 2, etc. The coefficients of cyber-bookmakers are not always higher than in conventional sweepstakes. To make a profit from the rates on SC 2, you need to be able to analyze the available information. This will take a lot of time. It is important to understand that if we are talking about a team, then we should analyze the capabilities of each participant. It is not superfluous to determine the degree of the mood of the collective. If the motivation is off scale, then she has a good chance of success. For bets, statistics of previous fights are always useful. This will help to disassemble the tactics of the team, to determine the degree of its readiness to resist a stronger opponent, etc. In addition, authoritative ratings help to assess the power of gamers.


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