How correctly to analyze matches on StarCraft 2 for bets?

Tournaments for StarCraft 2 attract not only the best gamers, but also professional players on the sweepstakes. The more prestigious the competition, the more demand for it on both sides. Gamers are attracted by the opportunity to earn impressive prize money, in cappers - to bet on big odds. In recent years, StarCraft 2 rating competitions are held not only in Asia and America, but also in many European countries. Quite often, entire professional leagues are created with multimillion-dollar budgets. To put on fights SC 2 is better in authoritative bookmakers. First, they are not deceived with the payment of the winnings. Secondly, they accept bets even for qualifying meetings of tournaments. In the Internet space there are a number of specialized web projects aimed at promoting e-sports in betting. Such portals accept bets only on specific games, for example, on StarCraft 2, WOT, Dota 2, etc. The coefficients of cyber-bookmakers are not always higher than in conventional sweepstakes. …

"20 years is not enough minerals." Players - about the best moments with StarCraft

20 years of the StarCraft space strategy series is a real event. We have already written about the main milestones in the history of the game, now it is time to tell stories from the players. Within a month, users share the most memorable moments in social networks, adding to the entries hashtag # SC20. We selected some of them.

The first who set an example was one of the co-founders of Blizzard and its president Mike Morheim. In the company he is known as the main fan of the cyber-sport StarCraft. Sometimes he announces a week before the tournament that he will go to see the matches with the whole family, because of what can arouse everyone. His appearance in the championships is still a rarity. But if he came, then he sits next to the fans in the hall. In breaks or during matches, you can see how the spectators approach him with a request to take a picture.

Another story about a career from the user antoss_1. He studied in the fifth grade (he was 11 years old) when he received a CD…


On the eve of the gamescom 2018 exhibition, the developers of StarCraft II announced a new commander for joint missions - Taikus. The leader of "Heavenly Devils" is able to improve weapons, and also take to his team up to four special combat units in a nearby bar.

Do you like to manage powerful heroes? Then the new commander of the joint regime, Tyusus Findlay, will have to your liking.

Style of play
Tykus controls the bandits you dial in the bar "At Joria". In addition to Tykus, you can hire four more unique bandits out of eight. The choice depends on the specifics of the task - the map, the enemy combat units, the acting mutators and the commander chosen by your ally.

Since you do not have to devote much time to building an army, instead you can focus on managing your relatively small but deadly team. Each bandit has one main ability. During the management of the army you will be able to use all these abilities with th…


At the beginning of 2010, a new online computer game, StarCraft2, was released for a wide lease and immediately became popular among passionate gamers. Internet users began to conduct competitions among themselves. First they fought one on one, and later, when the tournaments on the game took a more ambitious character, they arranged duels between the teams. Each participant could choose on whose side to fight and whose resources to destroy.

Experienced betters advise beginners to begin their journey in the world of betting on StarCraft 2 from prestigious tournaments. They are better organized and well motivated by cyber-sportsmen with prize points. Here the probability of unfair struggle and the presence of the human factor tends to zero.

In StarCraft 2, competitions are held both between single players and teams. In both cases, the personality of each player, his strengths and weaknesses, form and mental state, motivation and tactics, stress resistance and individual skill play an …

StarCraft 2 Betting

StarCraft is a series of cult computer games in the genre of real-time strategy. The company Blizzard Entertainment has been developing it for many years. In the current game StarCraft II combines modern technology and new ideas. For some, it has become the gateway to the world of high-end real-time strategies, for others - the old-good StarCraft in the new incarnation, and the third have estimated the opportunities for betting on eSports StarCraft II.


StarCraft took over some features of another cult strategy from Blizzard, released more than 20 years ago - Warcraft II. But in it, unlike Warcraft, there are not two, but three races, fighting each other:

Earthlings (Terran);
A huge plus of StarCraft II is that all three warring parties are perfectly balanced. Each of them is completely different from the others, it has its own characteristics, and various tactics and strategies are used in combat. In this case, none of the races has a significant, decisive adv…

Continue Play in Starcraft there are Several Reasons for this!

Legacy of the Void will be the final game in the Starcraft II trilogy. The second part of the legendary strategic series is sure to be followed by the third part. And there you look and to the fourth nearby. But despite the stable release of new games in the Starcraft universe, the RTS genre, nevertheless, is going through hard times: in modern cyber-sport Starcraft on the secondary roles, and the palm of the championship belongs to the MOBA games.
The StarCraft pro-stage is surprisingly stable. New players in the afternoon with fire you will not find, and old men sit on already checked places on two, and even three years, without changing commands. If in Europe Starcraft II is run only by those players who do not tolerate CS: GO, Dota 2 or League of Legends, being fans of only strategic games from Blizzard, in South Korea Starcraft plays, as they say, both old and young . It is the Korean pro-scene Starcraft has always been and remains the most active. However, anyway, but the game be…

StarCraft II: Answers to the Main Questions

The developers of StarCraft II published answers to the most burning questions of the community regarding the latest changes, which made important adjustments to the balance of some combat units.

Official Blizzard quote:
Thank you for your feedback and comments. After analyzing the latest test results and looking at the battles of top-class players, we decided to implement our plans and reduce the power of the armor-piercing missile in the last stages of terran matches with protoss, and also to strengthen the terrans in the middle phase.
The base damage of the Vorona armor-piercing missile was reduced from 30 to 15 units.

We had several options for processing the armor-piercing missile, but we stopped to reduce the damage. This will reduce its potential damage in the later stages of the game, but retain its effectiveness in the middle of the match, allowing the use of a missile to weaken the armor. Many players also proposed to reduce the acceleration of the rocket, which would stim…