Continue Play in Starcraft there are Several Reasons for this!

Legacy of the Void will be the final game in the Starcraft II trilogy. The second part of the legendary strategic series is sure to be followed by the third part. And there you look and to the fourth nearby. But despite the stable release of new games in the Starcraft universe, the RTS genre, nevertheless, is going through hard times: in modern cyber-sport Starcraft on the secondary roles, and the palm of the championship belongs to the MOBA games.

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The StarCraft pro-stage is surprisingly stable. New players in the afternoon with fire you will not find, and old men sit on already checked places on two, and even three years, without changing commands. If in Europe Starcraft II is run only by those players who do not tolerate CS: GO, Dota 2 or League of Legends, being fans of only strategic games from Blizzard, in South Korea Starcraft plays, as they say, both old and young . It is the Korean pro-scene Starcraft has always been and remains the most active. However, anyway, but the game began to turn away, and many professional players who shone several years ago at the biggest competitions, went into the shadows and began to devote strategies not so much time as before. Some left the eSports for good, others switched to younger and more promising disciplines from Blizzard, including Heroes of The Storm, and Hearthstone, while others decided to wait out the hard times and become active in the fall when the next part of the series will be released. We think that Legacy of the Void is a great time to return to Starcraft II, without waiting for the release of the third part, which will not see the light very soon.

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These fans make games that change the game culture at home, in their spare time. We want to give these guys the opportunity to leave work and seriously engage in games. Just do it more seriously or even collect a small team engaged in games. They can hire an artist, they can grow - we do not know how much, but we hope that they will work even better when they get the opportunity. If their abilities are already affecting us, then what can they do then? What else will they do with much greater vozmozhnosti? I hope to find out.


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