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Continue Play in Starcraft there are Several Reasons for this!

Legacy of the Void will be the final game in the Starcraft II trilogy. The second part of the legendary strategic series is sure to be followed by the third part. And there you look and to the fourth nearby. But despite the stable release of new games in the Starcraft universe, the RTS genre, nevertheless, is going through hard times: in modern cyber-sport Starcraft on the secondary roles, and the palm of the championship belongs to the MOBA games.
The StarCraft pro-stage is surprisingly stable. New players in the afternoon with fire you will not find, and old men sit on already checked places on two, and even three years, without changing commands. If in Europe Starcraft II is run only by those players who do not tolerate CS: GO, Dota 2 or League of Legends, being fans of only strategic games from Blizzard, in South Korea Starcraft plays, as they say, both old and young . It is the Korean pro-scene Starcraft has always been and remains the most active. However, anyway, but the game be…

StarCraft II: Answers to the Main Questions

The developers of StarCraft II published answers to the most burning questions of the community regarding the latest changes, which made important adjustments to the balance of some combat units.

Official Blizzard quote:
Thank you for your feedback and comments. After analyzing the latest test results and looking at the battles of top-class players, we decided to implement our plans and reduce the power of the armor-piercing missile in the last stages of terran matches with protoss, and also to strengthen the terrans in the middle phase.
The base damage of the Vorona armor-piercing missile was reduced from 30 to 15 units.

We had several options for processing the armor-piercing missile, but we stopped to reduce the damage. This will reduce its potential damage in the later stages of the game, but retain its effectiveness in the middle of the match, allowing the use of a missile to weaken the armor. Many players also proposed to reduce the acceleration of the rocket, which would stim…