On the eve of the gamescom 2018 exhibition, the developers of StarCraft II announced a new commander for joint missions - Taikus. The leader of "Heavenly Devils" is able to improve weapons, and also take to his team up to four special combat units in a nearby bar.

Do you like to manage powerful heroes? Then the new commander of the joint regime, Tyusus Findlay, will have to your liking.

Style of play
Tykus controls the bandits you dial in the bar "At Joria". In addition to Tykus, you can hire four more unique bandits out of eight. The choice depends on the specifics of the task - the map, the enemy combat units, the acting mutators and the commander chosen by your ally.

TAYKUS Starcraft
Since you do not have to devote much time to building an army, instead you can focus on managing your relatively small but deadly team. Each bandit has one main ability. During the management of the army you will be able to use all these abilities with the help of a single panel of orders, which opens when you select all the bandits.

In addition, you can improve the equipment of bandits in various buildings - for example, in the shelter of shooters, the arsenal of thugs and the cache of spetsov. Improvements are very diverse, so you have to think carefully about the distribution of resources: to gain more bandits or to upgrade the equipment already available? With Taykus always there are different options, and your success will depend on how well and timely you set priorities.

Development of commander
Whenever we develop a new commander, we like to imagine how his story would develop if he had his own campaign. Fortunately for us, Taikus played a prominent role in the original campaign of Wings of Liberty. We took a lot from those assignments, especially from the dungeon "The womb of a monster." In this assignment, you control the four heroes that you meet throughout the campaign: Taykus, Raynor, Swann and Stettmann. All of them are very powerful, so the game process is quite noticeably different from the usual for strategy formulas.

Let's return to the very Taikus. Even before the events of the original StarCraft, Taikus Findlay headed a special tactical platoon called "Celestial Devils". Inspired by this story, we decided to build a story around the fact that Tykus controls a small elite squad. Therefore, in this story, Tykus will return to the world of StarCraft and again call "Heavenly Devils" to help his friend Jimmy in the war against Amun.


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