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StarCraft is a series of cult computer games in the genre of real-time strategy. The company Blizzard Entertainment has been developing it for many years. In the current game StarCraft II combines modern technology and new ideas. For some, it has become the gateway to the world of high-end real-time strategies, for others - the old-good StarCraft in the new incarnation, and the third have estimated the opportunities for betting on eSports StarCraft II.


StarCraft took over some features of another cult strategy from Blizzard, released more than 20 years ago - Warcraft II. But in it, unlike Warcraft, there are not two, but three races, fighting each other:

starcraft 2 tournaments
Earthlings (Terran);
A huge plus of StarCraft II is that all three warring parties are perfectly balanced. Each of them is completely different from the others, it has its own characteristics, and various tactics and strategies are used in combat. In this case, none of the races has a significant, decisive advantage over others. Thus, predicting bet results on StarCraft II is easier than in many other e-sports disciplines.

Beginners are best to start the game with difficulty Normal. In this mode, enemy attacks are very rare and you will have time to figure out how to protect yourself from them. StarCraft II allows you to play with other users both on the local network, and through, a free game server Blizzard.

During the game you will have to learn a lot of maps with different terrain and surface types. You can meet land, rocks, water barriers and even stretches of outer space. Unexplored areas of the map are displayed with a black spot, and those studied, but left by your or allied units, cover a kind of fog that hides everything that is happening. As you move through the map of black areas on it is becoming less.

starcraft 2 factions
StarCraft 2 - a multi-player strategy in real time, which tells about the struggle of three races: terrans, protos and zerg. The company Blizzard was able to create a well-balanced game, which fell in love with a large number of users around the world. This strategy began to evolve from a single mode, but fell in love with players for the format, the ability to watch live broadcasts and bet on StarCraft 2 matches.

Cybersport tournaments today can not be imagined without StarCraft 2 games. Regular championships and serious prize pools attract professional players around the world, although it's worth noting that the Korean scene occupies a leading position. Among Russian-speaking users there is also a big fan base for Starcraft 2. The ability to make bets on matches, makes viewing broadcasts of matches even more interesting and exciting. You can earn on your forecasts for StarCraft 2 on our website.


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